Nickelback star talks of 'terror' at announcement
Michael Baggs

12:13 3rd September 2012

Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger has revealed he was embarrassed telling his mum that he was engaged to Avril Lavigne.

The pair announced their plans to marry in August 2012, having enjoyed a whirlwind romance after meeting early in 2012. Kroeger, famous for his worldwide hit 'How You Remind Me' has told how difficult it was telling his mother about his plans - as she is such a fan of the 'Sk8er Boi' singer.

"You never know what your parents are going to say when you tell them you're getting married - especially when it's with someone they haven't met yet. My mom is a huge fan of Avril's, so putting her on speakerphone and telling her the news was hilarious and equally embarrassing," reports entertainment website RTE.

"I find [going back home] almost as terrifying as telling your parents you're going to tie the knot. You just never know when someone is going to come out of the woodwork with a story that's starts with, 'Let me tell you about the time...'"

Kroeger proposed to Lavigne with a $350k, 14-carat engagement ring on 8 August 2012.

Below: the strangest couples in music

  • Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne: The Canadian couple met when they were working on a track for Lavigne''s latest album, and after dating for six months, got engaged in early August.

  • Billy Corgan and Jessica Simpson: Simpson once said in an interview: "I definitely will marry an artistic man, I don''t have a physical type. I have an emotional type." But that was in 2010, and now she''s had a child with an American football player.

  • Jamie Cullum and Sophie Dahl: There''s one very obvious oddity to this couple''s relationship. But we like Jamie Cullum so we won''t illustrate the fact that he''s very short and she''s very tall.

  • Bjork and Goldie: That''s right, during the 90''s, the Drum and Bass DJ and the Icelandic songstress were together for a few years. Strange pairing? Yes. Innovative musical duo? No.

  • Katy Perry and Russell Brand: Many, many cynics have suggested that the whole marriage was for publicity''s sake; Brand needed to break America, and Perry needed to be a bit edgier. Well it certainly worked for Russell.

  • Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy: She''s a Hollywood bombshell, and he''s a sci-fi nerd from Devon. The one relationship that''s given hope to literally millions of comic book fans worldwide.

  • Moby and Natalie Portman: According to Moby, his ''very brief affair'' with Portman led to him recieving quite a lot of ''nerd-wrath''. apparently, ''you don''t date Luke Skywalker''s mum and not have them hate your guts.''

  • Gareth Gates and Jordan: The poor lamb, he would have been torn limb from limb by the then preganant glamour model. The worst thing was that she said it was a mistake: HE was HER mistake!

  • Kate Nash and Ryan Jarman: Ryan Jarman was cool. Cool enough to recruit Johnny Marr into his band. Then he recorded a cover of Wham!''s ''Last Christmas'' with his girlfriend. Come on man, what on earth?

  • Britney Spears and Fred Durst: The Limp Bizkit star said that he had ''never felt love this way'' about his relationship with the princess of pop. Britney denied, and is still denying the relationship. Harsh.

  • Courtney Love and Steve Coogan: Coogan''s people denied any romance, claiming they were just good friends. Love stated that the ''two week affair'' had left her pregnant with Coogan''s baby. Who are you going to believe? We''re going with Partridge.

  • Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore: Yep, they''re married and apparently working together on Mandy''s new album. Finally!

  • Marilyn Manson and Lana Del Rey and Axl Rose: The ''National Anthem'' star has been linked with Mr Manson and Axl Rose. She''s a lucky girl, there are literally millions of women who would give anything to have to the choice of not one, but two grotesque old rock stars.

  • Jennifer Aniston and Adam Duritz and Courtney Cox: Your eyes are not decieving you, the Counting Crows frontman has dated both Aniston and Cox. Yeah he''s got a great voice, and chicks dig a musician but still, nice work.

  • Vanilla Ice and Madonna and Dennis Rodman: Ice described Madge as a ''great lover'' but still dumped her in 1992. Then, a few years later she was apparently desperate for Rodman''s babies. She sure can pick ''em.

  • Harry Styles and Caroline Flack: She was 32 and he was 17, and yet she was apparently ''shocked'' by the abuse she got. No, to be fair, crazed fanatics of boybands are normally very forgiving of (very) older women dating one of the band.

  • Billie Piper and Chris Evans: Evans proposed to Piper via a note, accompanied by the gift of a ferrari full of roses. It was love or death for the radio DJ, but luckily Piper liked cars.