Band admit they are not politically motivated, would consider Republican gig
David Renshaw
10:19 31st August 2012

The Killers have admitted that they would consider performing for Mitt Romney at The White House were he elected President later in the year.

Romney is President Obama's opposition in the November elections and recently met with Killers frontman Brandon Flowers to discuss issues close to his Mormon faith after claiming the band as his favourite modern act.

However, the 'Battle Born' band have denied having any specific political allgiance, telling Rolling Stone that they would be open to performing for Romney is the situation was right for them.

Speaking to the magazine, bassist Mark Stoermer said: "Anyone's allowed to like us. If it's just about music, I guess it's not a negative thing. He's, I guess, a guy and he listens to music and happens to like us. That's fine."
Talking about a potential White House gig, the 'Runaways' star added: "We'd have to cross that bridge when we come to it. We're not really a political band. And we don't necessarily have all the same views, but none of us are very politically active anyway. I guess we would be open to it, depending on if and when it happens and what it was about."

Killers drummer Ronie Vanucci recently revealed his own political anecdote, speaking of how he accidentally grabbed Michelle Obama's backside during an appearance at The White House.

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