Jack Whitehall sitcom success blamed for low ratings
David Renshaw

10:15 30th August 2012

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Rihanna's fashion programme Styled To Rock is being watched by less than 100,000 people per week, according to viewing statistics released this week.

The programme, which airs on Sky channel Sky Living, sees aspiring fashion designers battling it out to be the best with the winner earning the chance to style Rihana for a festival appearance.

However, viewers are not taking to the show in the way bosses had expected from a programme which features arguably the biggest pop star in the world. The second episode of the series, which aired last week was reportedly watched by an audience of just 79,000 people.

Sky Living's average audience in the 9pm weeknight slot is 150,000. The first episode of Styled To Rock reportedly brought in 95,000 viewers.

There is light on the horizon, however, with this week's installment bringing in 110,000 viewers.

Sky controller Stuart Murphy argued that overall viewing figures, taking in catch up and repeats were nearer 450,000. Speaking to The Sun, he said: “It was trending and Rihanna is the biggest star in the world. Find me a channel controller who would turn down Rihanna in her own series.”

Murphy also went on to claim that the huge success of Jack Whitehall's BBC3 sitcom Bad Education, which airs in the same time slot as Styled To Rock, were not helping the show.

This latest news caps a bad week for Rihanna with both The Vaccines and Kelly Osbourne making their less than complimentary feelings known about the 'Rude Boy' star.

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