Hacker is aspiring rapper looking to get signed
michael baggs
10:39 24th August 2012

Bow Wow has offered $2500 to anyone who can 'slap the p*ss' out of the Twitter hacker who posted a photo of him in bed with another man on his account.

The rapper has been caught up in a Twitter Storm that has developed over the last few days. First, someone apparently hacked his account and posted a (supposedly photoshopped) picture of him cuddling up to another man in bed.

Bow Wow responded by calling out to his fans and asking for their help in punishing the hacker. He wrote: "i got 2500$ to any Detroit nigga that finds @7_i_am and slaps the piss outta dis nigga. Word!"

Bow Wow's account was supposedly tampered with once again straight away, the hacker used his account to state he was reading Bow Wow's 'DMs' and demanded $10,000 to give the account back.

The hacker is an aspiring rapper, and has used the Bow Wow's account to promote his own mixtape:

"all you lil fans that's mad so be it. I want followers. Pick up my new mixtape the street code vol1 ni--a got 2 mill followers ima promote. Laughn all his fans calln me all kinds of names. That's childish. Download my mixtape street code vol 1 look me up on datpiff."

He went on to say:

"I'm not a hater at all ima huge fan. Its just my turn to be heard to. Sign me."

Bow Wow is currently using a different Twitter account, and the people at Twitter are aware of the situation and are trying to resolve it.

Below: the reportedly photoshopped photo of Bow Wow in bed with another man