Hear a snippet of new song 'Worse Dreams' here
David Renshaw

14:31 23rd August 2012

Soundgarden have revealed that the name of their long-awaited comeback album will be 'King Animal'.

Due for release on November 12th, 'King Animal' is Soundgarden's first album since reuniting and will be their first new material since 1996.

To whet the appetites of their fans, Soundgarden have also shared a clip of new song 'Worse Dreams' which will feature on the album. You can hear that below, now.

Soundgarden were recently dragged into the headlines by Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins who claimed the band only reformed for money, slamming Chris Cornell and his bandmates for cashing in on nostalgia.

The band were also a part of Hard Rock Calling in London this Summer, performing at Hyde Park alongside Iggy Pop.

Money or Love? Why Soundgarden, Stone Roses are reforming

  • Mutya Keisha Siobhan: The original lineup of the band are back together under the sparse moniker of ''Mutya Keisha Siobhan'', and it''s all been timed very nicely. In a recent interview, the girls said that getting the band back together was discussed in 2009, but they chose not to do it. Cynical people would say that the ''actual'' Sugababes were too successful at the time to be rivalled, but that''s just what cynical people would say...

  • Lily Allen: But she said she''d retired from the music industry? Well, yes and no; she said she would never again record and perform under the name Lily Allen. So, the now married Lily Cooper can do what she wants. That is some flipping impressive long term PR planning

  • Aerosmith: It''s hard to trust Steven Tyler''s ''noble intentions'' when he rides the publicity wave of American Idol just long enough to be hugely famous across America once again, quits, and then announces that his band will be releasing their first album in eight years.

  • No Doubt: Was anyone really pining for the nineties band to make a comeback? Gwen Stefani''s solo career started well but spluttered and stalled towards the end and none of the other band members were going to do it on their own, so ultimately they had to get back together, right?

  • Stone Roses: Here at the Gigwise offices, a debate has broken out over whether Ian Brown and co. are reforming for musical reasons, or for the guaranteed cash. Yes, they''re recording new material, but are they just doing it because they know if they make a new album, it will sell millions? The band pulled in £23 million at their Heaton Park gigs, so why wouldn''t they do it again?

  • Happy Mondays: According to Shaun Ryder, after being ''inspired'' by the Stone Roses (huge financial gains...), getting his band back together was a ''no-brainer''. Amazingly, the voice of reason was maraca man and on-stage fidgeter Bez, who said of his choice not to perform with the band, "sometimes you have to hang your boots up gracefully".

  • Blur: Every time the britpop icons play a gig, they say it''s their last, and then they go and do another one. They said they''d never release new music, but recent track ''Under The Westway'' begs to differ. A new album was completely ruled out, however Damon Albarn recently said they would soundtrack a film if the oppurtunity arose. So what''s going on? Serious bet-hedging we think...

  • Garbage: In a recent interview, Shirley Manson claimed that it was alienation form their former label Geffen that caused the band''s seven year hiatus. Their new album comes at a time when guitar music is struggling, so if the band were hoping that ''Not Your Kind of People'' would sell in its millions, they were sadly mistaken.

  • Soundgarden: Billy Corgan claims that bands such as Chris Cornell and the boys have only reformed to in order to make money from gig ticket sales, and that it''s immoral to start performing again without recording new music. It''s good that Soundgarden are releasing a new album in October then isn''t it Billy?

  • At The Drive In: The band said the few gigs they''ll be playing over the summer were organised to make money and there''s no intention to record new material. Well at least their honest about it.

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