Singer urges fans to stand out from crowd
michael baggs
08:49 22nd August 2012

Cher Lloyd has revealed it took her a long time to get used to sharing a name with a pop legend, especially after embarking on a music career of her own.

The star, who last weekend suffered booing and a bottling during her performance at V Festival, has revealed she now thrives on standing out among the crowd and despite disliking her name when she was younger, is now happy with it.

"It's took me a long time to like my name because there's already a Cher out there and she's very good at what she does and very successful as well," Cher Lloyd tells MTV. "It's tough because she's like the ultimate Cher and I'm just like the little new one, so I hope she doesn't mind us having the same name because that's not my fault, that's my mom and dad's fault, not mine. Take it up with them."

"I wouldn't want to change my name, I think it suits me."

The controversial singer also urges fans to stand out rather than blend in, adding: "I always like to tell my fans it's better to stick out than blend in," she explained. "I feel like my fans are like that, they like to stick out, they like to cause a scene and I love that, don't blend in, try and stand out."

Below: Cher Lloyd at V Festival - before it all went wrong...