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X Factor boss claims managed acts have no advantage on the show

Show opened to singers with managers in 2012


X Factor boss claims managed acts have no advantage on the show


A spokesperson for X Factor has stated that bands and singers with management will stand no advantage in this year's reality TV show over those who do not.

For the first time in the show's history, artists with managers are allowed to enter the show, causing concern that the managed acts will be superior to other contestants. Now, the show's executive producer has defended the decision, saying that the show still offers everyone a 'fair chance'.

“We aim to give everyone the opportunity to come and be part of the show. Everybody that comes along and applies to the show all go through the same process," says Richard Holloway. “[The rule change is] just broadening the net and opening it up so that everybody gets an opportunity. Every single person, whether they have got any form of management or not will go through the same process."

Judge and solo chart topper Tulisa agrees with decision, saying: “Just because someone has a manager or experience in the music business doesn’t mean they any less deserving to be on the show than a normal person with a normal job who’s had no experience.

“There are so many people out there that are so talented, that have managers, Just because they have a manager doesn’t mean that it’s any easier for them to make it than anybody else.

“I had a manager for seven years of my career before anywhere at all. I think it’s just about being fair. It’s a stigma that if you’ve had experience or had management, so you shouldn’t be allowed on the show. I think it’s a load of rubbish.”

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