Chris Keating also slams 'horrible' R Kelly
michael baggs
13:25 15th August 2012

Yeasayer frontman Chris Keating claims that the r&b scene needs to get more gay and has labelled R Kelly a 'Horrible Person' and a 'terrible piece of shit'.

The outspoken star gave his opinions in a new US interview, speaking abour Frank Ocean's recent sexuality admissions - saying his bisexual confessions were good for the genre.

Keating gave his opinion of Kelly when asked about Frank Ocean. He said that R&B needs to be "gayed up a little bit", and that Ocean is a good face for the genre right now, and will be the one to "usher-out" the likes of R Kelly.

"R.Kelly is a terrible person," he added. "I like R.Kelly and how crazy he is, but he's a terrible piece of shit, a horrible person, really bad all around. Let's get rid of him."

The 'Ambling Alp' star then went on to discuss dance music: "The EDM world has always been the place that's forward-thinking with sonic texture and production, but in terms of content, they're down at the bottom of the barrel."

Keating was speaking to Rolling Stone ahead of the release of Yeasayer's third album, 'Fragrant World', which discusses such topics as human life as a product, and everyone's impending death.

The vocalist listed Aaliyah as one of the major inluences on the new album. "The more I listened to Aaliyah, the way-weirder it was than the Sonic Youth record that came out around the same time [1997-1998], mostly because of her very futuristic and unexpected production. That realization was really exciting, and it's just stuck with me since then."

Aaliyah, who passed away in 2001 has been indirectly involved in controversy recently, with superstar rapper Drake using her tracks without the deceased singer's family's approval.

Keating went on to express his fears over the albums success, saying: "I think no one's going to be at our shows, that our record isn't going to sell very well, and I'm probably going to be back at my old job." The singer also apoke about being defined by a genre, and stated that Yeasayer are proud not to be "lumped into some arbitrary, bloggy genre'