How are these rock icons holding up?
David Renshaw
15:02 7th August 2012

Time can be a cruel mistress and nobody known this better than the stars of rock n roll.

Lauded for their looks, followed everywhere they go and generally worshipped for merely existing; it can be a good life to be in a succesful rock band. However, this comes at a cost when the hairline starts receeding, the chins increase and the bags under your eyes become more like suitcases.

Take Axl Rose for example (left). Once the iconic leader of Guns N' Roses, he cast an impressive figure atop that cliff in 'November Rain' and had supermodels lining up to, ahem, 'meet' him.

Flick through the pictures below to see how he, and all your favourite vintage rockers, turned out not quite as planned.