Land severely damaged by unfinished school plan
michael baggs
09:51 6th August 2012

Madonna's well-meaning plans to build a girls school in Malawi has reportedly left 200 families in the area without homes or food after the pop superstar's development failed.

At the start of the project, it is reported that families were forced to sell their land to make way for the proposed development. Now, after the failure to complete the girls academy, that land is said to have been rendered useless.

"Since the land was taken away from us, when government officials from Lilongwe led by a Mr. Mwenda, we have had to put up with a hoard of problems," said village headman Chinkhota 1 in an interview with Malawi news. "We were cheated on the issue of compensation while our land was sacrificed because we were told if we did not release it government would take it anyway without compensation. This left the villagers with no choice.

"In fact, the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) showed us evidence in 2010 that we were indeed short-changed when they brought a cash register showing inflated figures."

The Malawi News report reportedly showed signs of poverty including empty maize barns, while gravel used on the land made it unsuitable for farming.

Madonna announced in 2011 that she would not be building the promised school after spending a rumoured $3.8 billion on the project.

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