Says he 'might be playing with 'quite a big rock band'
Grace Carroll
15:40 30th July 2012
Ed Sheeran has suggested he ‘might’ be playing with The Who at the Olympics closing ceremony.
The singer elaborated on the remarks he made to MTV News last week, when he implied that he would be taking part in the performance, saying: “If I was to play the closing ceremony, I might be playing with quite a big rock band and I might be playing one of their most famous hits. Might be. 
“And if I was doing that, it would feel quite fun, I think. And it would be quite a moment for me. But that's if I was doing it.”
Speaking again to MTV, he added: “I was told not to say anything about that and then as soon as I was told not to say anything about that it was in the Daily Mail the next day. It was a bit odd.
“The closing ceremony, there were rumours I am playing the closing ceremony. Those rumours may or may not be true.”
Sheeran refused to explain any further, and changed the subject to how pleased he is that the Olympics are taking place in London this year. The ‘A-Team’ singer added: “It's quite nice to have the Olympics on home turf.
“I'm going to be away for pretty much the majority. I start an Australia tour for pretty much the whole thing. And I come back for the closing ceremony. So I'm going to have the Olympics in Australia.”

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