Star returns to her 'Who's That Chick' producer
michael baggs
13:10 30th July 2012

Rihanna has returned to the studio with her 'Who's That Chick' collaborator David Guetta to record tracks for her seventh album.

Rihanna's producer Sean Garrett has confirmed her studio reunion with the 'Titanium' chart topper as recording her Talk That Talk follow-up continues.

"I was in the studio with David doing some stuff for Rihanna recently," says Garrett in an interview with The Daily Star. "He finds inspiration in the things I don't like, and I get excited by the things he doesn't like. He wants to be more urban and I want to be more international, so we push each other."

Brighton producer Burns and London star Labrinth are rumoured to be working on Rihanna's new album, which is expected to be released before the end of 2012.

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