UK rockers hit out at recent Muse claims about current dance trends
michael baggs
10:32 30th July 2012

UK rockers Skunk Anansie have hit out at recent claims by Muse that 'dubstep is the new rock and roll'.

Matt Bellamy recently revealed he and his Westcountry rock trio had taken influence from Skrillex on their upcoming album 'The 2nd Law', saying that "The moshpit has moved from guitars and gone towards the laptop," in a recent interview with NME. Now, Skunk Anansie have stood up for classic rock sound in an exclusive interview with Gigwise.

"They've got to back up their album, haven't they," says frontwoman Skin.

"It's not the new rock and roll because rock and roll is rock and roll and dance and dubstep are two different artforms," adds guitarist Ace. "They jump on the new artform to be trendy at the moment."

However, the band do see some similarities in the artform, but say that thew world needs more traditional rocks sounds.

"I do feel there are some analagies there in that scene," continues Skin, "But personally I feel the world is missing a great big fat rock album. I think there are a lot of rock fans out there and rock guitar, when someone is playing the guitar there is a spiritual connection that you cannot get from a CD sample... And that's why I think rock music will never die."

Skin adds that while the band do take influence from dance genres, they remain nothing more than 'inspiration' for the band, who remain true to their rock roots.

"We're not just going to jump onto someone else's genre because it's trendy," she concludes.

Watch Skunk Anansie discuss Muse, dubstep and rock and roll below.

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