'Soul Sessions' singer does not see music as a competition
David Renshaw
09:55 30th July 2012

Joss Stone has revealed that she turned down the opportunity to appear on the UK series of The Voice, stating that she doesn't view music as a competition.

Stone, who released new album 'The Soul Sessions: Volume II' earlier this month, revealed that she was approached to appear in a non-specified role on the trouble hit show.

"I was approached for The Voice in Britain but I don't think so. The thing is I love music and I love singing with other people and I don't see it as a competition at all," she told The Express.
Adding: "I feel that those things are really good to get exposure but they kind of make it into a competition and that is just sad. Other than that it is great because they get to be heard by millions and they never would have been before."

It is not clear if Stone meant she was asked to be a coach on the show or to take part in a smaller role, mentoring the acts or even performing live perhaps.

Last week it was reported that Jessie J has quit her coaching position on the show whilst Sir Tom Jones is demanding first refusal on his fellow co-stars before signing a contract extension.