2010 demo said to be Gaga's comeback track
Michael Baggs
12:34 23rd July 2012

Lady Gaga has reportedly given fans an advance listen to her comeback track, blasting rumoured new single 'Nothing On (But The Radio)' from her car in Chicago.

In a YouTube video, (don't get your hopes up - the song is pretty much in audible in the video), fans surround her car, calling 'It sounds amazing' as the singer plays the new track to fans. 'Listen to my CD!' cries one female fan, desperate for the singer to listen to her own music.

A demo version of 'Nothing On (But The Radio)' was first revealed in 2010, and was last week rumoured to be in the running for her next album last week when Lady Gaga's sound engineer Dave Russell responded to a Twitter query about Gaga's next release saying: 'N O, ;)'. The smiley face says it all.

During her current Born This Way ball tour, Lady Gaga previously revealed a song inspired by Princess Diana, titled 'Princess Die'.

Watch the YouTube video below:

Listen to the 2010 demo of 'Nothing On (But The Radio)' below:

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Photo: WENN.com