'Freaky' book sparks ideas for 'Demonstrate' star
David Renshaw
15:04 20th July 2012

US singer JoJo has claimed that her new album may well be influenced by hit book 50 Shades Of Grey after reading the international best seller.

JoJo, who marked her return to the music world last year with a sexually suggestive cover of Drake hit 'Marvin's Room', spoke to MTV News about her reasing habits, saying: “I will say reading ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ kind of inspires me, it inspired my work.”

Asked what she thought of the book, JoJo claimed: “It’s some freaky shit,” before adding: “there might be something on this album inspired by ‘Fifty Shades’.”

Meanwhile, two rock DJs in Cleveland started a protest against the erotic novel by burning copies at a local restaurant.

DJs Chad Zumock and Alan Cox, decided to stage the burning after a number of their listeners called in to complain about the attention the best seller has been receiving so far in 2012.
Speaking to the Daily News, Cox said: “We kinda figured it would just be dudes. But then all kinds of people showed up, a woman even showed up with her teenage son.”

Earlier this week JoJo debuted her brand new single, 'Demonstrate', a song produced by Drake collaborator Noah '40' Shebib. Check it out below, now.