Rapper heckled during trip to US mall
Michael Baggs

13:23 20th July 2012

Nicki Minaj has been verbally abused by Lady Gaga fans, who chased the singer through the exit of a US mall, accusing the singer of ripping of Gaga.

The incident was fortunately captured on camera, and the male fan can be heard clearly ranting at the 'Pound The Alarm' superstar, accusing Minaj of ripping off Lady Gaga.

The YouTube video of the incident claims that Minaj called the heckler a 'bitch' but Nicki's response is unclear on the recording.

"She stands for all of us and you can't and you rip her off," yells the angered fan. "You rip Lady Gaga off Nicki you need to stop copying Lady Gaga."

Nicki Minaj fans are quick to point out that Lady Gaga herself borrows elements of the Queen of Pop, Madonna, for her own image and music. One YouTube user responds saying: "Does he not realize Gaga ripped of Madonna, yet you don't see anyone following her around whispering it in her ear. People really take being a stan/fan way too serious."

Watch the video below:

Photo: WENN.com