Roxy Music star slams events problems
michael baggs
13:41 17th July 2012
Bryan Ferry says that Hyde Park is no longer a place for rock concerts following last weekend's Hard Rock Calling festival, which saw the plug pulled before the end of Bruce Springsteen's show.
The Roxy Music frontman spoke out about the venue after the plug was pulled on Bruce Springsteen’s jam session with Paul McCartney during Hard Rock Calling. 
Speaking to the Londoner, Ferry said: “They shouldn’t have these events in Hyde Park any more if it’s going to cause embarrassing problems.
“The problem with Hyde Park is that the volume is never loud enough. It’s always too quiet. I’m sorry for Paul McCartney and Bruce.”
Ferry did say that he finds the curfew ‘understandable’ because of the local residents but insisted that the volume restrictions also play their part in making Hyde Park an unsuitable venue – although Springsteen and McCartney were below the allowed decibel count, many attendees complained that they were barely able to hear them.
Ferry also later told The Standard that he had overrun his allotted time slot while playing at Guilfest – although not by half an hour. 
He added: “We were in a similar situation — told to finish at 10pm, but we overran by five minutes. But at least the promoter didn’t turn off the volume.”