Exclusive - Marilyn Manson discusses stars being 'famous for nothing'
Michael Baggs

11:38 6th July 2012

'Beautiful People' star Marilyn Manson has spoken out about the rise in celebrity culture, saying that rock stars are now as much celebrities as reality TV stars and YouTube sensations.

Speaking in an interview with Gigwise, the star shares his opinions on the rock world blending with celebrity, and how his own life has become the stuff of celebrity culture.

"There's definitely a mixture now of celebrity and rockstar that didn't exist when I started," says Manson in his Gigwise interview. "There always has been celebrity there, but it was stars. There was never the era of being famous for nothing or being famous for being stupid on YouTube."

He also compared infamous serial killer Charles Manson to gossip magazine fodder, adding: In some ways it wasn't [different] though, because it is the very essense of Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson. Manson was a complete icon for being killer. In some ways it is just an evolution.

He also spoke of support for people finding fame through modern tools, criticising those who hit out at people making music in their bedroom.

"Friends of mine who are musicians or directors are really frustrated, and they say I hate iMovie or Garageband because anyone can make somethingm," he said. "I think the exact opposite. There's always been a piano, a guitar, a microphone and anyone can always have made something."

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