Singer discusses pop rival with US star Joan Rivers
michael baggs
09:13 25th June 2012

The usually mild-mannered Kylie Minogue has said she felt 'perplexed' by Madonna baring her breasts on stage and was goaded into mocking Madonna's MDNA tour costumes by US chat show host and comedienne, Joan Rivers.

The 'Timebomb' singer appeared on the star's stateside show, Fashion Police, and when shown a photo of Madonna dressed as a cheerleader at a recent show, Minogue commented: "No, just no."

Kylie also commented on Madonna's recent nipple-flash onstage in Turkey, questioning the thinking behind the shocking stunt. "Was she caught up in the moment, was it premeditated, who knows?" she added. "I think it's got people more perplexed than excited by it."

Minogue also joked that she was so often mentioned alongside the 'Girl Gone Wild' star because of their advancing years, saying, "Is that because we're the two oldest ones?," when Rivers called her and Madonna 'the two great pop divas'.

"Competition, I don't know," Kylie added. "But I grew up such a fan of her. I don't even care how we're in the same sentence, it's quite good for me."

Watch Kylie discuss Madonna:

Below: "No, just no" - Madonna's cheerleader costumes