'Born To Die' star's Jackie O makeover revealed
michael baggs
09:07 22nd June 2012

Lana Del Rey has given fans their first taste of her forthcoming 'National Anthem' video with this still from the set of the eagerly anticipated promo.

As reported yesterday, the video is set to see Lana taking on the role of Jackie O with rapper A$AP Rocky playing John F. Kennedy.

As Rocky told Pitchfork, "I play JFK, she plays Jackie O. Some cool trippy shit, some real 2015 shit. People are going to get it in three years, and that's the whole purpose of it."

As you can see in the still, above, Del Rey is seen giving a speech with the phrase 'Tell me I'm your national anthem' written across her eyeline. 

Meanwhile, Del Rey has spoken about how hard she found being judged by music fans and critics at the start of the year. "When you focus on being a writer for ten years and then after that people start listening to the work and they decide that they don't like you and that's kind of off-putting," she told BBC Radio 1. Adding: "Just because when you've put all your work into crafting words and melodies and then people start thinking about you as a person, that's a little off-putting."

Lana Del Rey performs at Radio One's Hackney Weekend this Sunday (June 24).