Boyband refuse to apologise as they revisit feud
michael baggs
08:57 20th June 2012

The Wanted have refused to say sorry to US diva Christina Aguilera after calling her 'a b*tch' following a frosty meeting when they appeared on The Voice USA.

‘She was a total b***h,’ The Wanted's Tom Parker told New York City's 92.3 NOW radio station on a previous visit. Tom went onto say ‘She might not be a b***h in real life, but to us she was a b***h. She just sat there and just didn't speak to us.’

The unfriendly welcome fuelled the boy band members to make further comments regarding her as rude and labelling her as a bitch after being asked to play a game called 'Beautiful, Bitch or Britney' during a return visit to the station. During a game, they were asked to place Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears next to each of the words. The Wanted put Lopez next to beautiful, Spears next to Britney and after a pause of being asked where they would put Aguilera Tom replied with ‘Up my arse,’ and proceeded to rub the mask on his bottom.

Parker also added: "Loud mouth. Sorry! Well I'm not sorry."

A source defended Aguilera and claimed she simply didn’t have time to mingle and the first time she saw the boy band was when she was sat in her coach chair.