Gigwise readers crown fishy 2012 monstrosity her finest ever headpiece
Michael Baggs

13:02 13th June 2012

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Following recent news that Lady Gaga was now planning a new headpiece featuring live cockroaches, Gigwise readers have named her 2010 lobster headpiece her finest headwear of all time.

In the high-brow, in-all-seriousness poll, the headpiece she wore to an after-party at a London restaurant in 2010 beat such iconic headpieces as a pink squiggle, a mound of lace and a slab of sirloin steak. The singer dined at Mr Chows in Kensington wearing the spectacular sea-themed hat.

Her least popular headpiece with Gigwise readers proved to be a rather tame black and white number, with a dollar-themed topper, gold-skull cap and a giant cork also failing to pull the votes.

Now considering her next hat move, the singer is said to be planning a bug-infested hat after a US study revealed that the resiliant pests were mosre responsive to her music in scientific tests than they were tunes by Weezer and Avenged Sevenfold.

The poll is still open, so if you think Gaga's lobster hat has been wrongly crowned the winner, cast your vote now.

Below: Lady Gaga's five best hats


  • No.5: The Winehouse

  • No.4: A lacey little number

  • No.3: Meathead

  • No.2: The squiggle

  • No.1: Something fishy

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