Rocker to give speech about 'Pinkie Pie' and her pony friends
Michael Baggs

09:23 13th June 2012

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Hard-partying rocker is set to give a speech at an upcoming My Little Pony convention after being outed as a fan of the retro girls toy.

The rocker will take to the stage at Canterlot Gardens - a My Little Pony convention in Ohio, US - in September. He will give a motivational speech called 'What Would Pinkie Pie Do?' about the lead character in the recent My Little Pony reinvention, 'Friendship Is Magic'.

WK will speak to assembled My Little Pony fans about the importance of working as hard as you party and partying as hard as you work.

A statement for the conference describes Andrew WK as 'the real life embodiment of Pinkie Pie herself'. We kid you not.

Andrew WK will appear at Canterlot Gardens on 28-30 September, 2012.

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