Soundgarden star recorded Casino Royale song
David Renshaw
15:46 12th June 2012

Adele would be the perfect choice to record the official theme tune for the new James Bond film, according to Soundgarden's Chris Cornell.

Cornell, now back with his Soundgarden bandmates, recorded 'You Know My Name', the theme tune to Daniel Craig's first 007 film Casino Royale in 2006 and has backed Adele to do the perfect job on this year's installment Skyfall.

"Adele would be the perfect choice, I can't think of a better one," he told Capital FM. "She's phenomenal and it's nice, in a day and age where so many vocals are fixed by computers, that the biggest album of last year was somebody who sings for real.
Adding: "I would hate to see music become more mechanistic and less human, so her success has been great.”

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