Rapper joins Jay-Z and Kasabian to play Saturday of the London festival
Michael Baggs

14:28 11th June 2012

Radio One's Hackney weekender is vying for the crown as the biggest-name festival of the summer with another international superstar joining the line-up.

Nicki Minaj is the latest artist to be added to the bill of the London event, which will take place on 23-24 June 2012. Headliners at the show are Jay-Z and Rihanna who each will close a night of the event respectively. Minaj will perform on the Saturday night before Jay-Z and Kasabian and alongside Example, The Vaccines, Maccabees, Leona Lewis and Flo Rida.

Minaj recently cancelled a US festival show for radio station Hot 97 after an on stage insult from one of the hosts of the show who referred to her a not being 'real hip-hop'.

Tickets for Radio One's Hackney weekender were given away free to residents in the surrounding area and is part of the celebration of this summer's Olympic games.

Below: Nicki Minaj and more in the most disappointing second albums of all time

  • Nicki Minaj – 'Pink Friday – Roman Reloaded': A crashing disappointment of a follow-up after Nicki's slightly brilliant 'Pink Friday' debut. The awful icing on this already unpleasant cake were guest spots from both Chris Brown and Beenie Man.

  • Hard-Fi – 'Once Upon A Time In The West': After the success of DIY album 'Stars Of CCTV' fans were excited to see what the band could produce with a bit of money behind them. Unfortunately they seemed to put more thought into the album cover than they did the tunes.

  • The Futureheads – 'News and Tributes': This album completely flopped. The band stated that the label forced them to make songs they didn't want leading them to leave and start their own label.

  • The Enemy – 'Music For The People': Their first album produced some memorable songs and reached out to people from common backgrounds living on the estate. This did neither.

  • The Ting Tings – 'Sounds From Nowheresville': The Ting Tings apparently threw away a whole album because it sounded like “Europop Shit”. What the hell is this then?

  • Kaiser Chiefs – 'Yours Truly, Angry Mob': The album was labelled 'Predictable' by many critics. This was the turning point for the Kaiser Chiefs who have sadly not been able to repeat the success they received from their first album.

  • Duffy – 'Endlessly': The album may have been bad but recording it did technically make Duffy take a two year break from music. That's surely a good thing, right?

  • MGMT – 'Congratulations': 66,000 copies were sold in the first week, selling faster than their successful debut album but word got out that it was a pretty poor attempt - and it only sold 11,000 more copies.

  • Klaxons – 'Surfing The Void': 'Myths Of The Near Future' was deemed as ground breaking. This on the other hand was not. Many said they were trying to be “too different”.

  • The Automatic – 'This Is A Fix': The Automatic made one grave sin when making their second album. They fell out with the trademark screaming maker Alex Pennie who was sorely missed on this release.

  • Does It Offend You? Yeah – 'Don't Say We Didn't Warn You': They were tipped for big things after their debut but album but where are they now? No, we're asking you as we have no idea...

  • Scouting For Girls – 'Everybody Wants To Be On TV': Scouting For Girls were that band that no one admitted to liking. Thankfully their second album solved that problem - despite selling reasonably well.

  • The Pigeon Detectives – 'Emergency': The Pigeon Detectives were initially a band who were rather annoying and in your face, but they made good music. Their second album however only produced one memorable song and even that was a bit crap.

  • The Stone Roses – 'Second Coming': What made this album even more disappointing was that it took four years to produce. Fans were not happy.

  • The Holloways – 'No Smoke, No Mirrors': The band's 2009 album was extremely poor and received some pretty bad reviews. This was The Holloways last album release before they split in 2011.

  • The Strokes – 'Room On Fire': Was this even the same band that produced 'Is This It'? The album was largely disappointing but thankfully The Strokes bounced back and learned from their mistakes.

  • Dirty Pretty Things – 'Romance At Short Notice': After their first album success they were deemed strong rivals to Pete Doherty's Babyshambles, then they released this and Pete reigned supreme. It is considered to be one of the reasons Dirty Pretty Things split.

  • Biffy Clyro – 'Vertigo Of Bliss': Biffy's debut album was nothing short of epic, which made this follow-up even more disappointing.

  • Kasabian – 'Empire': The album title track was a great song and got everyone's hopes up for a great album but no, that was the only good song on it.

  • Noah And The Whale – 'First Days Of Spring': The album tells the story of frontman Charlie Fink's break-up with Laura Marling, and if there is one thing more depressing than dating Laura Marling, it's hearing someone bang on about how awful it was breaking up with her.

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