Shocking footage of proposed 2002 gig stunt appears online - watch
michael baggs
13:00 11th June 2012

Hip-hop rivalries are one thing, but a newly emerged video has shown how nasty Nas and Jay-Z's feud in the early noughties became, with a video of a proposed Jay-Z 'lynching' for 2002 concert having emerged online.

The shocking video shows a lifelike Jay-Z mannequin being prepared, along with a gallows, which Nas planned to use during his Hot 97 Summer Jam performance 10 years ago. Nas had commissioned a special-effects specialist to create the dummy which would be hung in his show.

When organisers of the show learned of what Nas had planned for the performance, they banned him from staging the event - leading Nas to pull out of the show.

Jay-Z has aligned his hip-hop loyalties with Kanye West in recent years, having won rave reviews for their recent 'Watch The Throne' shows in London.

Watch the shocking video below: