Veteran rappers reveal thoughts on Dr Dre's 'funky' Coachella hologram
michael baggs
16:24 6th June 2012

Cypress Hill rapper B-Real has shared his feelings on Dr Dre's holgraphic Tupac revival at this year's Coachella Festival, calling the performance 'funky' and claiming the duo were not getting on at the time of Tupac's death.

In an interview with Gigwise, the rapper, currently in the UK promoting new collaboration with dubstep producer Rusko, revealed his thoughts on the headline-grabbing performance from the US festival earlier this year.

"I thought it was a little funky, in the sense that at the end of Tupac's life he wasn't getting along with Dre," said B-Real during the interview. "So that was funky for him to have used the Tupac hologram but I still thought it was great. It gave people a chance to see Pac, even if not in person, and see what he performed like, because it was based on how he performed."

He also said that Tupac would not have been his first choice to see revived by technology with Dr Dre, adding: "I would have preferred him to bring out Eazy-E and NWA but I still appreciate it and thought it was a great idea. Hopefully it doesn't get overdone."

Watch Cypress Hill discuss Dr Dre's Tupac hologram below:

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