Singer forced to pull out of the LGBT fundraiser after being hospitalised
michael baggs
15:05 6th June 2012

Pink has pulled out of forthcoming Obama Fundraiser in the US after being hospitalised and too unwell to perform.

The singer has had to withdraw from her fundraising event for US President Barack Obama today after being rushed to hospital with stomach flu. The event put on by the leaders of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in Los Angeles have now replaced Pink with Darren Criss from Glee.

Pink tweeted: "I'm so bummed I can't perform for The President of the United States this Wed night. Thanx Darren Criss for filling in for me."

The star continued to joke, "Bad timing. Now I've let down my daughter and the President. Wow. Great week. However, Willow just got a Gucci dress and a custom rocking chair for her birthday, plus some Toms (shoes), so it ain't all bad."

The Obama fundraiser comes after two San Francisco events and will mark the Presidents third fundraiser targeting the LGBT community this year.