Aron 'Deuce' Erlichman to sue after filmed attack by bandmates
David Renshaw
10:33 6th June 2012

Former Hollywood Undead frontman Aron Erlichman has claimed that members of the group beat him up and filmed it during a violent attack last month.

Erlichman, better known as 'Deuce', claims that the incident took place outside Hollywood club Angels & Kings on May 25th and was motivated by his recent decision to leave the rap-rock band to go solo.

Police believe that Hollywood Undead members Dylan "FunnyMan" Alvares and Jorel "J-Dog" Decker are behind the attack with Erlichman also claiming that his former bandmates had someone videotape the fight.It is understood that Alvares and Decker were 'lying in wait' for their former bandmate.

Erlichman is now planning to sue his attackers and has hired top lawyer Donald Karpel.

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