Fears increase for Britian's Got Talent star
michael baggs
09:34 2nd June 2012

Susan Boyle reportedly scared young children after becoming upset over a cup of coffee at a motorway service station on Thursday.

According to reports, SuBo was stopping off at the northbound services on the M6 in Knutsford, Cheshire when the incident occured. Boyle reportedly became irate at being unable to get her hot drink in time and shouted at staff as well as concerned customers who tried to help her.

‘The girl behind the Burger King counter kept apologising for the wait for her coffee. Susan seemed a bit confused," a source told the Daily Mail. The source claims he asked Boyle, “Are you okay?” Adding: "She then just flipped out and started screaming: “f*** off – I’m having a bad day”.’

Lorry driver Mike Parkinson also spoke to the paper, saying: ‘I heard this woman swearing. She started shouting at this woman with her: “Why did you make me come here? ‘I didn’t want to ****ing come here”. ‘She then put her head in her hands and started bawling like a kid.’

Susan Boyle finished second in the 2009 series of Britain's Got Talent.

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