Singer speaks in support of Obama's recent statement and backs gay marriage
michael baggs
14:22 31st May 2012

Scissor Sisters frontwoman Ana Matronic has spoken of her approval of Barack Obama's recent statement in support of gay marriage - and revealed why she feels legalising it is so important.

Speaking to Gigwise, the 'Lets Have A Kiki' star spoke of her strong feelings on the subject, having been surrounded by the gay community since a young age.

"I'm really happy that barack obama spoke out about gay marriage - and I won't say it's about time," said Matronic. "I think it will open the floodgates for a lot of people to start talking about it now."

"That's the most important thing now, to open the dialogue about it."

She also revealed that there was still a strong tide of homophobia, but that heterosexual people had nothing to fear from the gay community.

"Gay people are not here to convert your children, they are here to live their lives and love who they want to love," she added, "It's a really important thing for us all to see that difference is not dangerous, there's nothing to be threatened by."

Watch Ana's comments in full below.

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