The Invisible star speaks of stage electrocution that nearly killed him
michael baggs
13:27 31st May 2012

Dave Okumu, frontman with Mercury Nominated band The Invisible, has spoken of the moment he was severely electrocuted on stage during a gig in Nigeria.

In an interview with Gigwise, Okumu revealed he thought he was going to die when he 'completed a circuit' as he swapped guitars with bandmate Tom Herbert during the show in Africa.

"I really thought I was going to die," reveals Okumu, as he spoke of the horrific stage accident. "It felt like a lifetime. I remained conscious throughout it, it was about ten seconds. It was the most horrendous physical experience i've ever had. I don't know how I managed to stay conscious or how I am still here."

"I remember the thoughts going through my head. My life flashed before my eyes, I thought of my loved ones. I literally feel I was brought back the brink."

As he recalled the incident, he told how he tried to drop the guitar, but was unable to due to the current surging through his body.

"I tried to let go. My palms opened but the instrument was stuck to my hand, burning into my hand. That's how intense it was," he added.

Despite the severity of the incident, Okumu made a speedy recovery and suffered only minor burns on his hands and a broken leg sustained when he fell during the electrocution.

The Invisible release their new album, 'Rispah' on 11 June. Full interview with Dave Okumu coming soon on Gigwise.