Alien vs Predator sequels persuaded Scott to return to the franchise
michael baggs
15:15 30th May 2012

Director Ridley Scott has revealed that he had to rescue his Alien movie franchise from the sub-standard direction its many sequels had taken it.

Speaking about his return to the world he created in new movie Prometheus, he said that he felt the need to return to prove there was still life in the Alien franchise.

"I watched three [sequels] get made after the one I did and then I watched Alien vs. Predator," the director winced during an interview with Yahoo Movies. "I thought about it for two or three years and thought my baby was lying in a cupboard somewhere and I think there is life in the little bugger yet!"

Prometheus is one of the biggest movies of 2012, and is a prequel (of sorts) to his 1979 space epic, and features mankinds first interaction with the parasitic life-form later encountered by Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) in his Alien movies.

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