Shirley Manson halts show when she spots man punching woman in front row
Michael Baggs

10:40 29th May 2012

Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson paused her band's recent House of Blues gig in Atlantic City (25 May, 2012) when she spotted a male audience member beating up a woman in the front row. Watch the video below.

The band, currently on a worldwide tour in support of their new album 'Not Your Kind Of People' were performing their 1996 hit 'Stupid Girl' when Manson halted the show to address the violent audience member and have him removed from the show.

"Get the f**k off her - right no," yelled the rock frontwoman as she stopped singing and demanded the band stop playing. "Dude. Never hit a f**king woman. What the f**k is wrong with you man?"

As she regained her composure, Manson addressed the audience, saying:  "OK, we're going to try that one again. Oh shit, you're getting all racy in here. What the f**k is going on Atlantic city?"

Then turning back to the punch-throwing fan as he was removed from the audience, she said: "She started it? Oh Jesus Christ - OK."

Manson expressed her disappointment at violent audience members at their shows, telling the US audience that she would not tolerate violence at Garbage shows.

"We're going to have like five people to play to by the end of the show," she continued. "You're fighting baby, you gotta leave now. You'can't f**king fight man. You can't fight. I'm sorry, that's the rules man. We just need to all simmer down."

Watch the full video below.

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