Watch: 'Donna Summer hits were the soundtrack to gay freedom' says Ana Matronic
michael baggs
16:59 18th May 2012

Scissor Sisters frontwoman Ana Matronic held back tears as she paid an emotional tribute to disco queen Donna Summer, who sadly died this week (Thursday, 17 May, 2012) after a battle with cancer.

In an exclusive interview with Gigwise, the flamboyant singer held back tears as she spoke of her love for Donna Summer and her iconic smash hit 'I Feel Love'. She also discussed the impact the singer had on gay society and how her work changed the lives of gay men across the globe.

"It's not often I get choked up about a celebrity passing, but Donna Summer really affected me - and still is," says an emotional Matronic. "Her gospel background lifted everyone up. whether she was singing a happy song or a sad song, she always made you feel very, very spiritual and that's what I loved about her.

"She was a really important voice in the gay community - just by releasing her records," she continued. "In the sixties in New York city it was illegal to do drag, it was illegal for two men to dance together in public.

"When gay men were not allowed to hold the hand of the person they love as they are walking down the street, there is really only one avenue where they can go and express themselves, and that is a nightclub. So the nightclub and the dancefloor became the one place in the world where gay men could get together and be free.

"Donna Summer was the soundtrack to that freedom."

Watch Ana Matronic's Donna Summer tribute below.

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