Band pay tribute to Marilyn Monroe at French film festival
David Renshaw
13:28 18th May 2012

Gossip endured a nightmare performance in Cannes this week, performing to a near mute audience.

Beth Ditto and her bandmates were performing in France for an event held in conjunction with the annual film festival. Performing in front of a huge audience including celebrities such as Diane Kruger, Bernice Bejo, Jean Paul Gaultier and Ewan McGregor it is clear from the off that nobody is down for a good time.

"This is the fanciest prom I've ever been to" jokes Ditto as she arrives on the stage. However, she soon realises that the audience are not into her band's cover of 'Candle In The Wind', a tribute to Marilyn Monroe and soon drops the pretence.

“It’s a tough crowd, you can love it or hate it, I’ll still get paid” she later jokes.

Watch the disastrous/ hilarious footage below, now.