Frontman Tom Chaplin is not happy with what he hears in the charts
David Renshaw
16:00 15th May 2012

Keane frontman Tom Chaplin has launched a second attack on pop music, labelling the charts 'mindless' and saying it is up to bands like his to change this for the better.

The latest comments, given in an interview with NME, echo sentiments Chaplin made earlier this month when speaking to the Daily Star.

Talking about how it feels to be number one in the album charts in 2012, Chaplin said: "It does mean more. It's a relief that people are still willing to listen to music like ours, because it's clearly becoming a rarer thing. It feels to me like when we first started out in 2004, there were loads of bands and over the years they've all fallen by the way side."

Elaborating on his feelings regarding popular music at the moment, Chaplin continued: "When we were teenagers, we had Britpop, so we had all this great music in the charts, even the singles chart had some authenticity then. It seems much harder to find great music in the charts these days, that's not to say that it isn't there, but it's much harder to find. I can't think of that many great records that have been a chart success in the last few years."

"There's so much great stuff being produced, so it's down to bands like us to buck that trend and fight against the mindless, temporary pop that gets exposure now. I'm sick of putting on TV shows with a panel of crusty old judges watching people who can't get a record deal otherwise."

It is not just pop music that Keane dislike, however, having criticised their own last album recently.

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