'Ladylike' image used late stars fluids
michael baggs
10:32 13th May 2012

A painting Pete Doherty did of Amy Winehouse using the late stars blood has sold at auction for £35,000.

The image, which was expected to earn around £80,000, was titled 'Ladylike' and created using a technique called 'arterial splatter' - involving spraying blood onto canvas with the use of a syringe.

A spokesperson for the gallery which auctioned off the painting said: “We had so much interest from fans during the exhibition. At the time we weren’t selling any of those things. But people really wanted to be able to purchase them.

“So we thought we’d do an auction and make it open to the public rather than price it.”

Other possesions of Doherty's were also sold off, including a jacket which made £1000.