Tom Gabel confirms he is undergoing hormone therapy ahead of planned sex change
David Renshaw
09:20 9th May 2012

Against Me! lead singer Tom Gabel has revealed that he is transgender and is planning to undergo a sex change and live the rest of his life as a woman.

The frontman of the US band revealed the news in an interview with Rolling Stone, saying that he will change his name to Laura Jane Grace when he finishes the hormone treatment he is due to undergo in a few months time.

Talking about how he will cope with the transformative stage of his sex change, Gabel said: "I'm going to have embarrassing moments and that won't be fun. But that's part of what talking to you is about – is hoping people will understand, and hoping they'll be fairly kind."

Gabel also said that his wife fully supports him, adding: "For me, the most terrifying thing about this was how she would accept the news. But she's been super-amazing and understanding."

Against Me! have released five albums including 2010's 'White Crosses'