Simon Le Bon has suffered a knee injury after running off stage
michael baggs
15:44 8th May 2012

Duran Duran's Simon Le Bon suffered a leg injury while performing in Buenos Aires over the weekend.

The singer took to Twitter to reveal the accident, revealing that he twisted his right knee whilse attempting to run off stage.

"Very cleverly managed to twist my knee, running off stage in BA; had to ice & elevate all I could [on Friday]," Le Bon tweeted.

Simon has joked today that he might not be able to perform to his usual best for the bands concert in Santiago, Chile tonight.

The Duran Duran member tweeted: "Might ask someone to wheel me onstage tmo (tomorrow)… on a big brass bed… ...with a martini… ...and a lobster ...on a lead wth a studded collar."

Duran Duran will be commencing their summer tour of Europe in Poland on June 25.