'Tomorrow Never Knows' used in latest episode of hit US drama
David Renshaw
09:35 8th May 2012

It has been revealed that the creators of Mad Men paid a huge $250,000 to use The Beatles 'Tomorrow Never Knows' in this week's episode of the hit US drama.

Viewers of the 'Lady Lazarus' episode, which airs tonight in the UK (May 8), see Don Draper (Jon Hamm) playing a vinyl copy of the 'Revolver' album after a client requests that one of the bands songs is used in a TV advert they are working on. Draper, who is heard complaining about music being more popular than jingles earlier in the episode, turns off the song halfway through its running time.

The music of The Beatles is rarely used in this capacity and, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, show creator Matthew Weiner said that he is proud to have introduced the iconic 60's band to his painstakingly accurate vision.

"This song and that album is so revolutionary and just paved the way for the idea that you’re in a very popular medium with a huge audience. When you take a risk like that it’s really about the music and not about the audience. You lead them almost kicking and screaming into something new. I just admire that. And I think Don didn’t," said Weiner.

It is thought that the average price for a TV music sync like this would be around $50,000, meaning Lionsgate paid around five times the normal amount.