Soft rocker speaks of 'devil inside' that led him to rehab stint in 2006
David Renshaw
09:39 4th May 2012

Keane lead singer Tom Chaplin has opened up about his time in The Priory, saying that it is the same 'demon' that allows him to be a lead singer that led him to a period of drink and drug addiction.

The singer, now sober after a five week spell in rehab in 2006, spoke to The Daily Mail ahead of the release of Keane's new album 'Strangeland' later this month. Quizzed on his life around the time he entered rehab, Tom said:

‘In truth, my problems were there for a long time,’ he says. ‘It’s the devil inside — the same thing that enables you to go onstage and be an extrovert singer. If you use it the right way, it’s a good thing.

Adding: ‘If you let it get the better of you, as I did, it becomes a monster you can’t control.

Analysing himself, Tom goes on to say: ‘I still have a terrible battle between the person onstage, who sings these emotional songs, and the person who wants to go home and hide. I struggle to find the middle ground.

Keane release 'Strangeland' on Monday, May 7th.

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