Music promoter unlikely to make money on either 'MDNA' tour or album
Michael Baggs

09:57 20th April 2012

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Music promoter Live Nation is said to be concerned about poor sales of Madonna's current album and tour.

Madonna has failed to sell out shows for her 2012 MDNA tour, with rival Lady Gaga selling out dates on her 'Born This Way' ball in less than ten minutes when they went on sale last week.

Added to this, sales of Madonna's new album, 'MDNA' have fallen sharply since its release three weeks ago. Madonna signed a $120million deal with Live Nation in 2007, and the company looks unlikely to see a return on their investment from her current project. The contract, described as a '360 deal' covers sales of Madonna's albums, tours and merchandise.

Unfortunately for Live Nation, they will only make money from sales of 'MDNA' if the album sells over 15 million copies. Despite opening to sales in the US of 359,000 in the album's first week on sale, it sold just 19,000 copies last week.

Check out the worst lyrics from Madonna's 'MDNA' album below

  • 'Girl Gone Wild' - "The room is spinning / It must be the tanqueray / I'm about to go astray / My inhibition's gone away."

  • 'I'm Addicted' - "Now that your name / Pumps like the blood in my veins / Pulse through my body / igniting my mind / It’s like MDNA and that’s OK."

  • 'Some Girls' - "Some girls got an attitude / Fake tits and a nasty mood / Hot shit when she's in the loop."

  • 'I Don't Give A' - "Gotta Get My Stockings On / Meet The Press / Buy The Dress / All of this to impress / Ride my horse / break some bones / Take it down a semitone."

  • 'Give Me All Your Luvin' - "Give me all your love and give me your love / Give me all your love today / Give me all your / Love and give me your love / Let’s forget about time / And dance our lives away."

  • 'Superstar' - "You can have the keys to my car / i'll play you a song on my guitar / ooh la la you're my superstar / I like the way you are."

  • 'I'm A Sinner' - "Hail mary, full of grace / Get down on your knees and pray / Jesus Christ, hanging on the cross / Died for our sins, it’s such a loss/"

  • 'Masterpiece' - "If you were the Mona Lisa / You'd be hanging in the Louvre / Everyone would come to see you /You'd be impossible to move."

  • 'Love Spent' - "You had all of me, you wanted more / You had married me if I were poor / Yes if I was your treasury / You’d have found a time to treasure me."

  • 'Beautiful Killer' - "Cause you’re a beautiful killer With a beautiful face / A beautiful killer and you won’t leave a trace / Do you know the reasons why you are a beautiful killer / Hurt yourself but you never die You are a beautiful killer."

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