New book claims to reveal the truth behind the star's bisexual lifestyle
michael baggs
08:19 19th April 2012

Chart topping star Jessie J was reportedly forced to hide the fact she is a lesbian by record label bosses who claimed being bisexual would be mroe trendy, a new book has claimed.

An unauthorised biography, written by Chloe Govan, claims Jessie J was initially furious at being forced to hide her true identity.

In the book, titled 'Jessie J: Who's Laughing Now', Govan writes: "Jessie might have been with boys in the past - but she is 100 per cent gay. Jessie was openly lesbian and didn’t hide it.

"She was advised not to come out, though. Certain people thought being bi was trendy, exotic and a fashion statement. It would increase her allure."

Jessie J has previously spoken of her bisexuality, saying: "I've never denied it. Whoopie doo guys, yes, I've dated girls and I've dated boys – get over it."

"If I meet someone and I like them, I don’t care if they’re a boy or a girl."

Jessie J is currently judging The Voice on BBC1.