Star is eating little and often ahead of upcoming Born This Way ball tour
michael baggs
08:15 17th April 2012

Lady Gaga has adopted a new celebrity diet in preperation for her Born This Way Ball tour later in the year.

Gaga, who recently ran into trouble after claiming that 'pop stars don't eat', has adopted the Harley Pasternak plan according to reports - a diet which encourages slimmers to eat tiny portions of food on a more regular basis than sitting down to three larger meals a day.

Pasternak's 5 Factor diet is popular in Hollywood and the dietician/ trainer has worked with everyone from Gaga and Rihanna to Robert Pattinson and Jonah Hill.

The Sun reports that Gaga is allowed one day off the diet per week, when she can eat whatever she likes.

Just last month Gaga was in trouble for denying herself a cheesburger and making the ill-judged comments about celebrity diets. A second London date for the Born This Way Ball was revealed this week after the first one sold out immediately.

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