Justin Hawkins admits they got carried away in the past but are back on form
michael baggs
10:13 12th April 2012

The Darkness have revealed that their new album will be more like their debut, saying that they got 'carried away' with thesmelves after its released.

The band, who were confirmed as main support on Lady Gaga's 2012 European tour, are aiming to release their third album at some point this year.

Speaking to NME about the direction they're taking with the new material, their first since 2006, lead singer Justin Hawkins said: "We finished recording it in January and it's now mixed. We're currently deciding the tracklisting. People keep telling us it's all changed since our last album and the tracklisting doesn't matter."

Adding: "The first single is going to be 'Every Inch Of You'. Half of the record is really old school AC/DC guitar rock and some of it's a bit more luxurious and layered, a bit like the first album.

"But there is also some more extreme metal on it. It's a classic The Darkness album really. We always did take that approach but on the last record we just carried on adding more and more stuff to everything.

"Nobody stopped us and we just got carried away I think."

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