Embarassment for star as new album's sales plunge in second week on sale
michael baggs
08:08 10th April 2012

Madonna topped US and UK charts with her recent album 'MDNA', but the album is unlikely to be one of her biggest successes - having suffered the biggest sales drops in history in its second week of release.

'MDNA' made its debut at the top of the US charts with sales of not-too-shabby 359,000 copies - which fell to approximately 46,000 in its second week of release, selling a record-breaking 88% fewer copies in week two on shelves.

Sales of the album have caused further controversy, with many fans purchasing the album part of a tour ticket deal, with Billboard magazine reporting that 185,000 copies of the album were bundled with tickets - leaving her 'selling' only 179,000. Had these sales been recorded as the official figures, Madonna would have lost the US top spot to Lionel Ritchie, whose new album 'Tuskegee' sold 199,000 copies.

Madonna's current single 'Girl Gone Wild' has yet to chart in either the UK or the US.

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