Details of the unlikely duet emerge as Sid Wilson of the band reveals info
michael baggs
15:45 26th March 2012

Slipknot have revealed details of their collaboration with pop-rapper Professor Green.

Green previously revealed he had been approached to work with the rockers, and the band's DJ, Sid Wilson, has now confirmed details of the long-distance recording of the track.

"We've not been together in the studio at the same time or anything, but I've got a lot of ideas in the works for him. I ran into him into Australia over at the electronic festival," Wilson told NME. "Me and Clown went straight there after our tour and I ran into him.

"I told him I was a total fan and I played his stuff all the time in my truck. I just said let's get down and work together. My family's from England and I grew up on grime, jungle and drum'n'bass so it'll be cool to work with someone who's from that world."

Wilson also added: "It's going to have a DJ sound, but it'll be dirtier and grimier, with more of a punk rock edge to it. There'll be some guitars maybe, but you'll definitely have to have your ugly face on when you hear it."