Producer also says clubbers are violent because they don't listen to Steps
Michael Baggs

12:29 22nd March 2012

Pop producer Pete Waterman has claimed responsiblity for both dubstep and drum and bass. We're not sure we agree, but he was definitely involved in uncovering such pop talents as Will Young and Michelle McManus while judging Pop Idol.

Waterman claims that his production studio, The Hit Factory was recording dubstep years ago.

"You know the Hit Factory really started drum and bass, and dubstep, we were doing those sounds years ago," Mixmag report the producer as saying. "Now Sub Focus and Chase & Status all come here to make their record.”

Waterman also claims that clubbers no longer have any fun because they don't listen to Steps records.

"The records in the charts this week won’t bring a smile to your face. That’s why all the clubs are closing down," he added. “Now everybody wants to get pissed and violent when they go out. What we did with bands like Steps is have a laugh. I think we’ve lost that."

Quite frankly, if there's any band who make us want to get pissed and violent, it's Steps.